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At Buy Sheds Direct we have adopted unique approach to our quality management systems for your outdoor living needs. High standard materials, strong fixture and fittings, weather resistant roofing and framing, customized construction and convenient dimensions are the essential features we have incorporated into all our products.

buy sheds direct discount codes Buy Sheds Direct – What We Are

At Buy Sheds Direct we specialize in the readymade outdoor units for your garden garage, workshops, playhouses, outdoor office and summer houses. Our company has a vast network of material suppliers, carpenters, accessories suppliers, designers and architects. We work in close coordination with our team members for fabricating, assembling and finishing the products according to your requirements. We have a vast range of readymade products which are designed to fit o\for your needs.

  • Quality Assurance: – Our quality assurance at Buy Sheds Direct ensures utilization of timber in all the grades, shapes and dimensions. Our experts fabricate them into the most innovative designs for construction. At every stage we ensure accuracy of processes related to cutting, trimming, shaping, assembling and fastening. Assembly of frames and sheet boards at Buy Sheds Direct is taken to the height of precision by our woodwork experts.
  • Quality Treatments: – All our supplies including the core construction and assembly materials are put to various pre construction processes in the form of dip and pressure treatments. They ensure long life and climatic resistance during all the seasons.
  • Process Flow: – At Buy Sheds Direct we have defined the process flow for pre assembly and post assembly treatments for our sheds. Our step by step approach ensures highest quality of products at the most economical prices in the present market. At every stage we check for the quality parameters and prepare status reports. We set right all the probable deviations from the quality standards before the materials are passed onto the next stage. The final product is perfect in all the design, construction, dimension and function aspects.

Buy Sheds Direct – Vast Product Range

  • Gardens: – At Buy Sheds Direct we have a huge inventory of readymade sheds and overlaps made from wood, metal, plastic, fiber and other eco-friendly materials. They protect the interiors from heat, humidity, cold and harsh climatic conditions.
  • Storage: – We have special constructions for storage of equipment and machinery, raw materials and produces, household and sports articles, fuel and material resources etc.
  • Cabins: – We offer the best of cabins for summer homes, outdoor offices, play homes and other temporary residential needs. We have taken all the steps to cover the interior and exterior décor.
  • Fencing & Decking: – At Buy Sheds Direct our range of readymade products include fences and decks for your home and garden.

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