pizza cooking stone
It is a well known fact that pizza has been the darling of millions of people all over the world since many years and now is still on the rise.  But what is more interesting to note is that the pizza cooking stone, on which you can make your own pizza, is gaining tremendous popularity in the recent times.  The advantage that a Pizza cooking stone has is that you can prepare the pizza of your liking to suit your tastes and desires using your own choice of recipe, at your own sweet home.

People, who are already in love with pizza, are now greatly attracted to this concept of homemade pizzas, perhaps the first reason is that they do not have to place the order and wait for the delivery man to come over.  Another distinct advantage of owning a pizza cooking stone is that people can cater themselves to suit their palate.  They can include any ingredient they may like, or omit any that they want to avoid they can up or down any particular taste according to each person’s taste and requirements in a family.  One more of the main advantages are that they can cut down on the readymade cost and save a lot of money by opting to prepare the pizza in the pizza cooking stone at home.

Let us now look at some points which are worth considering by people who prefer to work it at home.  The first thing would be for people to know that to make a palatial and elegant pizza, they have to make sure that the heat from the stone is spread uniformly over the pizza which is the most important factor that contributes to the out of the world taste of the pizza.  When this point is taken care of, you can be almost sure of getting out a dish that not only looks appealing to the eye but is also appeasing to the tummy by being yummy!

Tiles that are called Unglazed or Quarry are one of the most prevalently used materials for pizza cooking stone.  These are very greatly liked because it is simple, it is very effective, easily available and is also cost efficient by providing optimum results for the expenditure incurred.

Pizza cooking stone also comes in marble material for the purpose of baking.  We all know that marble is a material that normally find on the flooring, on counter tops etc.  These marble tiles are found to be still more worthwhile and lucrative.  You must make sure that they are natural and must see that they are not encompassed of toxins, lead or any other artificial compositions.

pizza cooking stone

Apart from these unglazed quarry stones and marble stones, slate blocks made of clay, shale and other natural stones are also available.  All the above mentioned materials are very truly powerful and are capable of heat retention and conduction in the most effective manner.

Quality Standards of Pizza Stones

The quality standards governing the making of pizza stones are formulated by the FDA, EU and the German food code. The FDA subjects the products to consistent testing for determining the probable defects in the functional stage. One such test is related to exposing the stone to high temperature zone of up to 2,000 degree (F). Then the temperature is fluctuated abruptly within short intervals of time. This is the shock proof test of the pizza stones. If the stone you choose has passed this test and certified, you can consider it as a sign of absolute safety for your pizza, the stone and the oven / grill.

Making of the Pizza Stone

 The process of making the Thermarite based pizza stone is based on the manufacturing method of cordierite.

  • The process begins at the stage of mixing the raw materials. The composition of magnesium (8.31%), aluminum (18.45), silicon (24.01%) and oxygen (49.23%) is used to prepare the cordierite stone material. The materials are pre heated to a temperature of above 450 degrees (F) for about 2 to three hours.
  • Then the material is pressed to the required dimensions within the specially made machines. All the mechanical and thermal properties of the stone are shaped within this stage of processing.
  • Then the material is subject to extrusion and finally to the process of drying. When the combinations of these materials go through all the processes, the final products are the flawless pizza stones.

Quality Tests for Pizza Stones

The practical tests for the pizza stones are done while they are used in the ovens and grills. The German food code tests are related not only to the stone, but also the pizza and other foods which are prepared on it.

  • By subjecting the pizza stones to varying temperature conditions on the grills and electric ovens, the quality, taste and crispiness of the output are tested.
  • The stones are exposed to the direct heat source and indirect heat source on the grills. This is for testing the heat retention property of the stones. If they are able to retain the heat for more than 15 minutes and cook the outer surface of the foods to brown crispiness, they are considered to be of highest quality. The pizza stones from CastElegance have gone through all the processes involved in the tests.

User Experience of Pizza Stones

The ultimate test of the pizza stones is done with the help of real time users who eat the pizza at commercial points of pizza sales. All the quality parameters are listed in a tabular form and the users are asked to tick opposite to the evaluation parameters. The rating is decided on the final points gained by the stone.

When you choose the pizza stones for your home or commercial applications, you need to compare the qualitative features of at least 3 to 4 brands. Then you will be able to judge the quality parameters of CastElegance pizza stones to be among the top rated products online.