Borescopes Performance Evaluation Parameters

Evaluation of Borescopes performance holds the key to selection of the best to suit your applications. The first parameter is the size, which are the micro, mini and macro versions. Their selection depends on the diameter (or cross sectional area) of the inspection region. For example pipelines of 30mm or lesser diameter can use micro types of Borescopes. Industrial chimneys, water pipelines, sewer lines and others can use mini or macro sized devices. The construction of the external body makes a lot of impact on the device performance in extreme conditions. This makes them withstand higher temperature, pressure and dynamic velocity of the flowing liquid. High end Borescopes can travel to a depth of more than 150-feet and work under high pressure conditions.

BorescopesBorescopes Optical Parameters

Optics is the root of technologies on which the Borescopes performance is based. The lenses with NANO coating can cover long and short distance footages with clear scanning ability.

  • Accurate Scanning: – The accuracy of scanning the darkest parts of the pipelines is made possible by the power of LED, anti-reflection type of lenses and seamless performance of prisms. The footages get captured by the high end digital camera at the other end of the device. High resolution with near zero image distortion makes the device recommended for residential and industrial applications.
  • Angular Coverage: – The kind of angular coverage given by the freely rotating camera and lens heads is truly amazing. When I experienced the real time working of the digital Borescopes I felt as if I was watching a mini-robot at work. This device has a nice set of crawlers and wheels on which it travels across lengthy pipes. The device can quickly turn and focus its optical devices across curves ranging from 45-degrees to 360-degrees in reverse direction. Even while traveling horizontally straight, the side coverage ability of the cameras makes it easy to capture the top, bottom and side views of the pipes accurately.
  • Greater Magnification: –  Enhanced magnification with clarity of footage is highly required for the Borescopes. This is because of the need to cover faintest of visible objects (mostly defects or defective parts) within narrow pipelines. By enhancing the magnification factor it is possible to get the clearly defined footages for images and videos. Here you need to consider the ratio of magnification. This is important as it can influence the footage clarity. By using the combination of NANO coated lenses, Penta prism and the high resolution camera, the Borescopes can render more than 1:20 ratio of magnification. Now you are able to measure the dimension and calculate the nature of defects like never before.


  • Zero Aberration: – Chromatic aberration is successfully overcome by the intelligent combination of lenses and the prism. The device can show the natural colors of the target objects in the inspection area. So, there is no room for any confusion while differentiating between the functional parts and defective parts in the objects being inspected. The field of view, screen resolution and footage resolution of the cameras enhance the natural color retention of the Borescopes.