How to Choose the Best of Printable Doctor Excuses

You can find many forms of printable doctor excuses online. Before selecting the best one from them you need to consider certain basic guidelines. Know the exact illness you wish to fake and its symptoms. This is because you need to fake these symptoms before disappearing from school for being absent. If your school has strict rules for absenteeism, you may present the printable doctor excuses to your school and get permission for taking a few days off. Safety is the first parameter you need to consider here. Once this is ensured you can go head and search for the excuse form online.

fake doctors note for work
Forms of Printable Doctor Excuses

  • Simple forms of printable doctor excuses have only fewer details to be entered. Most of such templates have school name, doctor name, appointment details and recommended number of days off, probable return date to school, remarks and the doctor’s signature. You may use this format if you school authorities don’t insist on getting the details of illness and treatment.
  • There are other forms which have all the details related to the illness, treatment, medication and other specifications. You might need this in case your school insists on details. But make sure that you don’t mention any prescription for scanning, diagnosis and other blood tests. Keep your illness and treatments as simple as possible. You may choose to increase the intensity of illness if you wish to be absent for a week or more.
  • The font size and style should be printer friendly and clearly visible. You should be able to print it on any type of paper in A4 size. The top and bottom margins should be within the A4 size. Otherwise the print may come out badly.
  • While choosing the method of treatment, you should make sure it is non invasive. It should be free from any form of surgery, autopsy and biopsy. You may opt for physiotherapy if you wish to specify backache as your illness. In fact this is one of the best illnesses you can think of faking, because you could always blame the stress due to excess of assignments and homework. Once you are back to school, your teachers may choose to give you lesser assignments and homework till you recover completely. So you got another benefit of printable doctor excuses.

Best fake Doctors Note for Work

printable doctor excusesThe fake doctors note for work should be in detail. This should give options for specifying the future course of treatments and preventive measures. This could help you in getting added benefits at the office while working.

  • The fake doctors note for work can suggest you to stay away from heat and humidity for the next 2 months. Then you boss might put you into an air conditioned chamber.
  • Prescription for medical dosage should always be before your working hours or after. So you don’t need to take any fake medicines to be consumed within the working hours. Make sure to mention post treatment visits to the doctor once or twice in a week for about one month. You are assured of getting a few hours of free break every week.