Parameters used for calculation of google adwords average roi

The calculation of google adwords average roi depends on many factors like the strength of keywords, impact of adwords campaign and the average visitor traffic for a specific period of time. Of course these calculations are related to the future roi. Calculation of the present roi can be done based on the existing data. This data gives you the information about how your adwords campaigns are working. Interpretation of graphical data seems to be easier compared to text form. You will be able to point out the highs and lows of roi based on data from the history. You may be able to categorize it based on products, services, region, customer type, age group and many other parameters. Then you are able to identify which group has given you the maximum roi and where you got minimum.

google adwords average roiDecision support from google adwords average roi data

  • Calculation of google adwords average roi based on multiple criteria listed above gives you many benefits. For example assume that you are into cell phone retailing. By knowing the average roi for specific model and brand in a specific region for specific age group, you are able to u8nderstand the level of product popularity. If the level is according to your expectations you can take a decision to sustain the marketing campaign with same set of adwords. If it has gone below expectations you may need to change the adwords. This can be done after discussion with your marketing team and the management who are related to this campaign.
  • The google adwords average roi can also give you the region wise performance of sales for all the products you sell. You can graphically see the ups and downs in the sales trend for a specific period of time. The upward and downward trends have to be analyzed based on the actual figures. This requires lots of research on part of your marketing team to get the most probable reasons. Then you can see how best you can work on the weaker points to improve on them. Most of the times you may not find a magical formula for converting the downward trend into upward trend. But bay analyzing the reasons behind them you may be able to take decisions for the future. You need to consider the controllable factors as well as uncontrollable factors while analyzing the reasons. For example festive seasons may cause an increase in the sales of specific products. This is an uncontrollable reason. Failure to introduce trendy products during holiday season may have caused the downward trend in a specific region. This is a controllable factor.

google adwords average roi

  • After separately listing the two types of factors you will be able to work on improving the controllable factors by changing your adwords campaign. You need to wait and test the results of the changes in the next few months. After that you may opt for another round of google adwords average roi. You need to compare the data between specific periods of time for getting accurate information for decision making.