SEO Trends That Aim At Shaping 2017

Over the past few years, the SEO world has witnessed some really enticing developments that have offered the prospective customers with reliable scopes to take their business to the zenith of success. Goggle’s Penguin update is one among them. Talking into concern year 2016, the Seo practitioners have worked really hard for bringing up advanced features to help their clients. While a number of Seo components they were in trend for the last few years are still in practice, some new features have been introduced in January 2017. This article throws light on some of the new SEO Trends that you can now ask from any SEO services company.

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4 New SEO trends of 2017

  1. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages-

AMPs, are nothing but ranking signals that are designed for offering the users with a faster page loading experience. Certain structural changes possess the capability of making your company website faster upto 4 times and this cut down the rate of data consumption. It is true that around 40% of the prospective buyers will abandon your website it the pages take even more than a second to load. You won’t surely want something like that to happen. Right? This is why SEO Services Company is including this feature in their work.

  1. Mobile first-

Compared to desktop search, the rate of mobile search is growing day by day. The credit goes to the wide range of smartphones being introduced each month to make your life easier. As of recent news, Google has announced its plan of mobile first index i.e. Google aims to rank the websites designed as per the mobile version before that of the desktop version. Their intention is quite clear- “mobile search is a handy and less time consuming process- hence the best search option”.

  1. Voice search-

In the middle of the year 2016, the CEO of Google announced that about 20 percent of the android searches can be done via voice searches. With Microsoft windows and Apple joining this race, people are now being reviewed feeling highly comfortable in speaking to their phones and tablets to find their requisite searches. This can be clearly stated as another face of modernity simplifying human life. Most of the companies offering SEO services are now including voice search trend in their website designs. Hence it is recommended to search for a SEO services company offering you with the same. This will help you in staying ahead in the race.

  1. Schema Markup-

Structured data or Schema markup possesses the ability of making your website intent and kits purpose clear to all the search engines. Basically, Schema markup is a semantic vocabulary that is added up to your website so as to enable the search engines clearly understand your website in a better way and ensure improved SERP rank. The use of schema and structural data can assist you in preparing anything that the search engines might bring into existence in the near future. Look for a SEO services company helping you out with Schema Markup.

Wrapping up

All of the above mentioned marketing subjects introduced recently are focused completely in helping your website gain natural visibility via organic results. Adhering to them, a SEO services company helps your website not only to attain good search page rankings but also offer free, natural and organic search results.